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Full stack web dev (coding)

Here are some full stack web development coding projects I worked on in 2020. 

I can help you with:


CSS design styling

Javascript programming

SQL and databases

Mongo and non-SQL databases

PERN stack APIs

Amazon web services

  1. Chatbot

I wrote this chatbot. It is written with a simple stack of Javascript + HMTL + CSS. It has hardcoded responses. The task was to manipulate strings of words through Javascript combined with lots of if/else statements. 

  1. Express Template Engine – arranging stormtroopers on a page with an API stack served with Express. 

Using CSS combined with Express, Javascript and HTML to manipulate the way my stack of scripts is served on a web browser. 

3. Node Command Line Interface project

I worked on a CLI application which downloads a JSON file (Javascript object notation) of data about  COVID19. The CLI interfaces over the terminal command line on any computer – so the user can type data requests into the CLI and my API returns that data. It was built using Node.js and Commander. 

  1. Inspirational quotes and writing software product licences

We set up an Express stack using Javascript to pull up data from a JSON file of inspirational quotes. The data was displayed in the terminal (CLI)

  1. PERN Stack with Docker Compose yml

A PERN stack is an application programming interface (API) served with the help of PostgresSQL which is a database querying language (which I enjoy). 

.yml files were deployed and tested over Swagger. 

  1. SQL and Bob’s Diner

We used Structured Query Language (SQL) embedded in Javascript code to set up an API which would display orders requested by users. Code learned was all PERN, so Postgres, Express.js, React.jsx and Node.js. 

  1. Feed The Need – a PERN stack API

This API was put together using Material UI design components, SQL, SQL database, and tested with QueryPie and Microsoft Azure. We heavily used Auth0 for user sign-up and authentication. Security was via JSON bearer tokens. This test display is on Heroku. We used Miro for planning and our teams organised sprints together. 

  1. Docker – Docker Compose, containers and virtual machines

This year I learned how to structure my PERN stack APIs so they could be containerised and sent to people then opened via a virtual machine containeriser like Docker. 

  1. Authentication – using JSON bearer tokens or Auth0

10. React application with multiple pages

Using a React router package, lots of design styling and typing some original content to fill up my pages, I filled out a component-based React website

  1. Some of the other areas of coding I have learned this year includes:
  • Amazon Web Services email 
  • Embedding GIFs in script; fetching latest GIFs by using an API key (in this case the Giphy API key) in an asynchronous API script
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