Writing services to meet your communication needs – Auckland, Northland, NZ

Tēnā koe. I’m Michael Botur from KiwiWords – communications, content and copywriting, with a focus on writing media releases and news. 

I offer professional writing services to clients around the country, especially in Northland and Auckland.

A trained journalist and member of the Public Relations Institute of NZ, I specialise in writing media releases for NZ businesses so you can tell your story through the news.

I am based in Whangarei, New Zealand.

If you’ve ever found typing hard, found it impossible to get an interview with somebody on paper, or struggled to make the words on your website professional, KiwiWords is here to help.

KiwiWords writing services take a big burden off you, allowing you to get on with the work you need to focus on.

I’m just a phone call or an email away, on 021 299 0984 or mike@kiwiwords.co.nz.

The hourly rate KiwiWords charges for writing services is $79 per hour, plus GST.

KiwiWords can usually take care of overnight urgent writing jobs for $99 per hour ex GST. 

I’ve written content for clients in a huge range of industries. I can help with the following types of writing:

  • Journalism
  • Writing media releases
  • Design and formatting for your media release
  • High quality photographs
  • Interviewing
  • Blogging
  • Content writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Creative writing
  • Transcribing
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Word Processing
  • Search engine optimisation

Browse around and you’ll find everything you need to know about what I offer in terms of

Get a wordsmith and make communications crisp and clear. 

Phone 021 299 0984 or email mike@kiwiwords.co.nz. 

Freelance media release writer – let’s get your story in the news.

Tēnā koe. I’m Michael Botur from KiwiWords and I’m an expert writer of media releases (those self-made stories formerly known as press releases) 

Let’s talk about why media releases are essential for any business, where they come from and how they go out. 

  1. We work out what to announce. Writing your media release begins with identifying what you have to announce. Have you just hit a milestone? Within your business or organisation, have you landed a very important sale, made a promotion, announced new policy, won an award? Do you wish to publish your organisation’s opinion on a topic everybody is talking about? Talk to me and I’ll help narrow down which of your news is newsworthy.
  2. I interview your spokespeople, then I make your words objectively important.  I’ve worked with so many start-ups and businesses and individuals, my job is to listen to what you want to announce, then respond with a version of your story which is objective. I’ll help you measure what you’re announcing against provable facts. I’ll give your words the right adjectives and just the right amount of hyperbole (not too much, not too little). I’ll also move the most helpful quotes and news to the top. 
  3. We are RELEASING this to the NEWSMEDIA – so let’s make it easy for them to treat our announcement as news, not opinion.  Your opinions belong in an opinion column or on your Facebook, but as for your news, well: a correctly structured news story should be inarguable. It should be so good that a newsmaker would be a fool not to publish it.
  4. Making it reader-friendly. I’ll help you bring the most important words and messages to the top of the story, then snip/groom/edit/develop the story so that any question your reader wants to ask is answered. After all, there’s no point announcing your latest company breakthrough if you don’t explain what your company does, or what the breakthrough is.
  5. Right words, right length, right place.  Scoop.co.nz is just one of many places to send your media release. I’ll help you with the nitty gritty – ensuring your media release has perfect English, perfect contact details, that it’s timed right and kept to the desired word length for the publication. If your target publication wants JPEG photos attached, we’ll organise that. If your target publication says no photos are to be attached or embedded, we’ll follow those guidelines too. 
  6. Reporting and metrics. I’ll do what I can to report back to you how far your story has spread. I’ll also counsel you as to what to expect – how your words might be used, or responded to. 

Writing media releases: I’m fit, I’m helpful, I’m enthusiastic and I’m a good listener.

Let’s work on it this week

Michael Botur

mike@kiwiwords.co.nz / 021 299 0984

Here’s how I’ll help you rank highly in search results – without paying for ads.

KiwiWords has become one of the most highly ranked search results in its field.

Yup, anyone searching for communications, content and copywriting in NZ is going to be offered KiwiWords in search results – usually top 10 if we’re talking Northland / Whangarei / north Auckland.

To achieve great SEO, for me, cost very little money – and I can help you achieve the same results for the same minimal spend.

Here are ten down-to-earth tips to help you work towards a Page One Google search ranking.

  1. Make your domain name say where you are and what you do. Does your domain mention what service your brand offers, and where you are geographically located? That will help Google’s metacrawler match how you describe your self with what your potential customer is typing in the search box.
  2. Get Google Maps reviews. Since Google is the world’s number one search engine, it makes sense to use all the services which tie in with it. Ensure your business is on Google Maps, benefit from the credibility the reviews give you, and make the most of Google My Buusinesss.
  3. Plant links to your website in places where they’re going to get clicked on a lot. This is so much more rewarding than using Google Ads. Post regular links on busy publicly-accessible locations as Facebook, or a Business Association directory, or you’re named in a news story. A high SEO ranking will be the wonderful outcome if your website gets clicked on a lot. Speaking of which…
  4. Get named in the news. Newspapers have the biggest audiences imaginable. Get in the news. This will make you rise in the rankings.
  5. Have a nice click-through setup on your social media. Make it easy to be clicked on. Don’t tell people they have to go and type in your name all the time.
  6. Backlinks: have other pages link to your page. Your page will rise in the rankings if there are many other websites pointing toward your page.
  7. Regularly update your content. I’m talking weekly or monthly updates. Don’t go stale or the metacrawler will treat you as stale.
  8. Put your keywords in your headings.
  9. Use blogs. If you have a regularly updated blog on your website, it will achieve a lot of what I have described above. Blogs give you lots of fresh content, lots of opportunities to name your keywords, and lot of opportunities to be backlinked-to by other businesses.
  10. Give your contact details and services up front. Search engines want to answer users’ questions. So make it easy for the metacrawler to do so. Explicitly say on the front page of your website what services you offer; where you are located; and how to contact you.

I’ll help with your full stack web experience – editing, publishing, databases, UX and UI

Web content editing, working on your databases, mobile functionality and other digital services

KiwiWords can now proudly take care of your web content editing, user experience, user interface, database needs and request handlers.

This year, your man at KiwiWords, wordsmith Michael Botur, completed half of a full stack web development level 5 diploma (I’m underway with the second half, I swear!)

It means KiwiWords now offers a suite of extra services, to give you that wraparound service so you know your words are truly reaching their audience through internet and mobile devices in the most effective way.

Here are some new, fresh and exciting ways I can help you.

KiwiWords can now…

Edit, maintain, debug and even build websites.

How this can help my business communications:

It no longer takes multiple people to edit your web pages. In the past it would’ve been about preparing fresh words, giving them to a web content editor, uploading those words, checking the words and adapting them for mobile. I can do all that for you.

Your man Mike B has beginner/junior capacity to create, maintain, improve and repair the ‘stack’ behind your website, your database and your online forms by using:

  • HTML
  • Content writing
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • RESTful APIs
  • ES6 – the rules and codes underlying all web browsers
  • React (JSX)

Another communications need KiwiWords can help with:

Adjusting server scripts to receive information typed in on forms, and store that information in databases.

How this can help my business communications:

I can write SQL now. Pretty cool, huh? I can help query your database to bring up data, and I can also set the interface by which your audience gives you data.

I’m tech-savvy so I can work with whatever website platform you rely on… plus I can give you down-to-earth advice about talking to your audience through screens.


021 299 0984

Based in Whangarei; Available in Auckland, Northland and remotely. Sometimes even Christchurch….