Communications, content and copy writing; Freelance journalism; full stack web development. Northland and Auckland NZ

Book Bingo! Services for authors Mike can help with

Mike can help authors get their words across the world with the following services:

  • Formatting your book for Kindle, Kobo, Scribd, Wattpad and more
  • Giving your book away via Bookfunnel
  • Creating news stories to promote your book
  • Setting up your International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Sending out a regular Mailchimp newsletter updating your audience
  • Promoting your book on social media inc. websites, blogs, Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Publishing your book on Createspace (
  • Raising awareness of your writing across free websites such as Smashwords, Quora, Macguffin, Medium and Wikipedia
  • Getting your book stocked by NZ online book retailers such as Wheelers, Fishpond, University Bookshops
  • Social media and blogging on WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr and more…

Contact Northland author Michael Botur on 021 299 0984 /

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