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Writers Should Call Themselves Writers

I’m a writer. If I want to get real super fancy with the description of my job, I can say I’m a copywriter, or content writer. My business card calls me a wordsmith, plain and simple. 

I stumbled upon somebody in my area this morning who offers “Strategic marketing and branding,” “digital marketing, targeted campaigns and placement,” which is cool – but that person forgot to mention the words writer or writing. Maybe their campaigns are 100% visual with not a single word, I dunno. 

Back to basics is best, I reckon. 

As my $300 advert in the latest Business 2 Business booklet published by NZME. and Northland Chamber of Commerce explains, I’m not so much into impersonal campaigns where the words are kinda meaningless. I’m more about putting my fingers on the keyboard and creating writing which is original and meaningful. Plus, I always encourage clients to make the most of every piece of writing they invest in. 

For example:

  • Get a great media release written, and you can use it as a blog post
  • Get a great Google Business or Facebook review, and you can wrap a blog post around that
  • See a relevant piece of news in the media and you can respond to that with a blog
  • A series of blogs and reviews and news items can be put together into a newsletter

Want help, advice or ideas? Give me a bell on 021 299 0984 / email

ps – Here’s my $300 printed advert. I don’t get an online version of it, sadly. 

MIke here to help jpeg



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