How To Write A Media Release (Press Release)

How to put out a media release / press release which will get picked up and published

Don’t feel humble or unworthy when it comes to putting out news. Almost everybody wants to hear your news, from news publishers to journalists to consumers to staff.

Lay out your story as an upside-down pyramid. 

news release structure

image source – Stolen off the internet

  • Most important at top; least impt bottom.
  • Clear, hi resolution, print-quality photos help everybody
  • Clear line of contact is essential if journalists want to follow up
  • News must be NEW. Keep it fresh.
  • Newsmakers want stories which have “legs”
  • Legs means a story which readers will look for updates on as it develops
  • It’s not okay to leave a journalist confused about spellings of names, products, brand, acronyms
  • QUOTES are essential. Have a representative of your organisation provide quotes in the story.

Author: Michael Botur

NZ writer

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