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How to get your business story into the news

In November I helped an Auckland business share their story in national news.

I care deeply about using words to share positive things in the world. When a client needs a story written celebrating an achievement that is socially beneficial, optimistic and humane, I get really excited. 

CivilShare is a great business to cheer for. It’s an application which reduces landfill waste by facilitating trade in the civil engineering sector. Beautiful things are created; waste is minimised; young people learn green values; everyone’s happy.

The way we went about getting this story in the news was:

  1. Some good conversations between Mike and CivilShare capturing the facts around CivilShare and what kind of a story we wanted to tell
  2. Fact-checking and input from reputable sources (schools; council) 
  3. I wrote the media release with the client, carefully getting the client’s approval, and ironing out any inaccuracies. Also, structuring the words and info like a news stories made it easy for a news producer to pick up the story and share it. 
  4. The story was then released widely to selected media outlets and voila: CivilShare’s story becomes national news.


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