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Businesses benefit by putting out great news communications on these websites.

The busiest NZ news websites- how they can help your communications.

Get a positive mention on these news websites by sending each publication your updates. The best news announcements include:

  • An interesting personal story about a staff member. It doesn’t have to be related to your product. Perhaps travel or a newly-qualified staff member
  • An opinion from an expert in your organisation about a trending issue
  • Insight into the realities of what it’s like to work in your profession
  • An example of a heartwarming interaction with a customer who you’ve helped
  • Try and tie your organisation to your location whenever possible. If you’re associated with a particular suburb or town, that’s going to be an important search term to mention in your news announcement
  • If you’ve had an interaction with someone influential from a big, powerful country, that’s worth turning into a news story. 

These are the recent Nielsen rankings for NZ online news websites (measured July ’18). 

Name & Rank Daily Browsers     Page Impressions montly
1 1,451,215 180,285,938
2 NZ Herald 1,020,612 117,512,291
3 64,898 5,891,793
4 TheSpinoff 30,891 1,527,095
5 SunLive 23,332 2,096,099
6 Chinese Herald     20,415 1,237,559
7 Noted 9,749 430,290
8 Newsie 4,084 185,525
9 Newsroom 3,529 199,008

Not sure what news to send in?

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