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What the KiwiWords brand stands for

What to expect from the KiwiWords communications brand

by Michael Botur, KiwiWords Jack-of-all-trades

I joined The Pick 2019,  a course for start-up businesses in Northland, and in April we looked at what brands and colours signify. 

The KiwiWords colours are dark blue and grey, to represent trustworthiness and a great deal of seriousness invested in every piece of writing. 

At the same time, however, the KiwiWords brand comes with a lot of personality – some humour, some quirkiness and a deep passion for writing. 

Working with KiwiWords, you can expect:

  • Creative writing including those tiny, almost imperceptible flourishes of English including alliteration, rhyme, rhetoric and catchphrase-iness
  • Fast turnaround of all work orders
  • Journalism principles applied to all content, so there’s no risk of libel or inaccuracy
  • Helpful interviewing skills. KiwiWords can help get some proud words out of even the most recalcitrant member of your team

You won’t get the following from KiwiWords:

  • Unnecessarily long, slow production process (what’s the point? Publish today!)
  • Many typos – KiwiWords delivers extremely high quality English
  • Unoriginal content. Sorry but yeah, nah, KiwiWords doesn’t do unoriginal Seek/LinkedIn type listicles about the nine types of co-worker. 

Sorry, KiwiWords has an ethical stance against writing for

  • Climate change deniers such as Farm Carbon
  • Racist publications such as elocal (anti-Maori) and The Spinoff (anti-Pakeha)
  • Pay day lending companies which exploit working class people with little ability to repay loans, including Home Direct and Ferratum. 

Want words written by somebody with a positive, progressive stance? Want to avoid content farms and get some bespoke, beautiful words instead? Crave communications and copywriting? / 021 299 0984


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