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Check out these cool new communications projects from my lovely clients (which I helped write)

Check out these cool new communications projects from my lovely clients (which I helped write)

June and July have been busy busy busy! For me as the writer, it’s involved 50-100 emails some days, hours typing, hours on the phone doing interviews and transcription and a heck of a lot of fact checking, research and uploading words on websites. 

And now, without further ado (except 24 hours away from writing this thing because I have to rush off and help some clients with communications crises), I present cool communications crafted for my clients.

-Mike Botur, KiwiWords

ps. – I wrote all of the following, by the way, just so you can see how my skillz pay the billz. 


Conferenz is proud to showcase a couple of conferences:

eCentre has lots of fascinating news from its innovators:

Signal is staying on top of security software innovation by showcasing the following: continues to be a market leader in Northland property management services with the following output:

Wright Communications – the ethical, sustainable communications company staffed by PR experts:


  • I wrote the foreword to historian Dr Robert Bartholomew’s The Devil’s Garden. The book was inspired by my landmark story ‘South Auckland Segregation’ published in Mana magazine in 2013. Can’t wait to tell my journalism teacher who originally declined to enter the piece in an award I badly wanted to enter because he thought it was a ‘blog’

Creative stuff:

  • The Plunge! Indie Comics Convention – I emceed the event and interviewed 8 guests on stage with livestreamed video
  • Improv Mob theatresports – communications
  • Creative writing – teaching students at Kamo High School (more on this later)

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