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Can great words effect social change? Writing the Delivering Disability Services Conference

Case study: How KiwiWords got inspiring speakers in the room with a great audience

In winter 2019 I worked with Conferenz to create the inaugural Delivering Disability Services Conference which has just taken place in Auckland, October 14-15.

It was an uphill battle, for a bit. Our mission was to create a conference different from the other disability-themed conferences out there, and one in which the speakers needed to have the right mix of expertise, esteem, strong reputation in the disability sector, and capacity to attend.

KiwiWords helped Conferenz write and market a conference which…

  • Had presenters with lived experience of disability
  • Delivered very high value presentations so every registration dollar was rewarded
  • Matched the viewpoints of speakers and allowed each speaker to naturally express his or her views in a safe setting
  • Clearly communicated how the conference can improve the lives of disability workers and consumers

With the conference complete, we should now see the younger audience members connecting with inspiring elder experts around achieving employment, empowerment and advocacy. 

KiwiWords helped create this event by

  • Completing research interviews with a range of disability services providers and consumers
  • Identifying and securing presentations from esteemed experts in the disabilities world
  • Writing the agenda and topics
  • Handling speakers profiles
  • Web content administration
  • Marketing text including electronic marketing, brochures, pamphlets, websites and advertisements.

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