Communications, content and copy writing; Freelance journalism; full stack web development. Northland and Auckland NZ

I can make your words pretty on the page with UX and UI

I can help make your words look pretty on the page with UX and UI (user experience / user interface design)

How? By designing your content and words to give the best user experience. 

I’m excited to announce that this year, while continuing to offer communications, content and copywriting services, I’m studying web development.

Every day, I’m gaining expertise about how to use coding languages to make words display most effectively on the page. I want to pass that expertise on to* you. 

Adding full stack web dev as a service was a natural move for KiwiWords, considering all internet code is made from letters and English words.

In the past, I’ve offered the following web content editing help for clients:

  • Uploading blogs and synchronising these across LinkedIn, Facebook and website for a client whose blogs funnelled business to his tech repair company
  • Adjusting headings, paragraphs and meta tags to improve the search engine optimisation of a ship repair company’s posts and webpages
  • Structuring the content of a high school’s many web pages to aid the navigation of the website

Here are some of the helpful things I can do for you this year:

  • Test the display success of your website on Firefox browser and show you how your website looks on tablets, mobile phones and various monitors and browsers
  • Adjust your content to make the most of flexbox and grid options
  • Test and improve how animations display
  • Help your users “fall into the pit of success” (I prefer to think of it as funnelling users towards conversion, but tomayto tomahto)
  • Ensuring your web content is sized and positioned appropriately
  • Make the most of your design, colours, logos, quotes and more
  • Test the upload/download speed of your website and improve it to make it display in under one second
  • Set the best hierarchy of content so it’s easy for the user to digest


I’m a bit of a unicorn in that I offer not only content, but web development too.

We should talk – / 021 299 0984


*ps – Want to know how helpful with English I can be? I can explain the difference between on to and onto

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