Communications, content and copy writing; Freelance journalism; full stack web development. Northland and Auckland NZ

Let’s find the perfect words to communicate with your audience this month

KiwiWords – communications, PR, content and copy writing for businesses nationwide

Mike and the team at KiwiWords (er, me myself and I) are looking for fresh clients to help this August. 

I’m all about getting writing jobs done at quoted cost or under budget, where possible, thanks to efficiency, speed, passion, and asking direct questions to ensure our purpose is clear.

As a digital native, you’ll find I keep costs manageable by reducing production time. How? By using efficient tools to create the perfect words for you.

Typical tech tools I often use to shape and publish clients’ words include:

  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • LinkedIn
  • Squarespace
  • HTML5
  • Facebook
  • Wix
  • Dictaphone recording
  • Blogger / blogspot

Here’s what this wordsmith can do for you.

The process for writing your communications usually begins like this:

1 – I listen to your needs and clarify your goals with you, establishing whether we want to achieve sales, awareness, news announcement, branding, memoir, creative writing, sharing expertise, or perhaps you’re legally required to publish or announce some words and you want the writing to read professionally. 

2 – We plan who your audience currently is, who the audience is going to be, and get an understanding of the media to use to reach that audience, whether it’s using an electronic mailing list, publishing events and posts on Facebook, aiming words at an audience of professionals on LinkedIn, or creating something for print or digital news – perhaps an interview, media release or advertisement. KiwiWords can take care of all of the above.

3 – We work out what tools you’re going to need, whether I can provide everything or whether we’ll need a sub-contractor to help, such as a visual designer or web developer

4 – We work out whether you’d like me to supply your words on a Word document, shareable Google Doc (my favourite), or whether you’d like me to write directly on your website or social media for you, which requires creating a guest account to publish your words

5 – We organise the right images to make your words pop. Maybe Mike needs to take professional quality photos, or perhaps you’d like to use stock images.

6- After a draft or two, we agree on the final masterpiece, and BAM! Expert words, published on the media of your choice, with compelling images that’ll be sure to turn heads.

Already this year I’ve helped businesses achieve the following: 

  • Publishing e-books for several clients
  • Writing tenders for large contracts
  • Editing corporate annual reports
  • Updates on clients’ websites
  • Brand-building by posting the right content and comms on clients’ social media
  • Writing the right pitches, appeals and invitations to speakers to build conferences
  • Webpages and website content
  • Collecting testimonials for clients
  • Media releases / news announcements
  • Do you see your needs in this list? If so, gimme a call – 021 299 0984 /

I offer professional writing services to clients around the country, especially in Northland and Auckland.

I am based in Whangarei, New Zealand.

KiwiWords is just a phone call or an email away, on 021 299 0984 or

The rate for my services as of August 2020: $69 per hour, plus GST, or $99 per hour (+GST) for urgent overnight turnaround. 

– Michael Botur


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