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Freelance media release writer – let’s get your story in the news.

Tēnā koe. I’m Michael Botur from KiwiWords and I’m an expert writer of media releases (those self-made stories formerly known as press releases) 

Let’s talk about why media releases are essential for any business, where they come from and how they go out. 

  1. We work out what to announce. Writing your media release begins with identifying what you have to announce. Have you just hit a milestone? Within your business or organisation, have you landed a very important sale, made a promotion, announced new policy, won an award? Do you wish to publish your organisation’s opinion on a topic everybody is talking about? Talk to me and I’ll help narrow down which of your news is newsworthy.
  2. I interview your spokespeople, then I make your words objectively important.  I’ve worked with so many start-ups and businesses and individuals, my job is to listen to what you want to announce, then respond with a version of your story which is objective. I’ll help you measure what you’re announcing against provable facts. I’ll give your words the right adjectives and just the right amount of hyperbole (not too much, not too little). I’ll also move the most helpful quotes and news to the top. 
  3. We are RELEASING this to the NEWSMEDIA – so let’s make it easy for them to treat our announcement as news, not opinion.  Your opinions belong in an opinion column or on your Facebook, but as for your news, well: a correctly structured news story should be inarguable. It should be so good that a newsmaker would be a fool not to publish it.
  4. Making it reader-friendly. I’ll help you bring the most important words and messages to the top of the story, then snip/groom/edit/develop the story so that any question your reader wants to ask is answered. After all, there’s no point announcing your latest company breakthrough if you don’t explain what your company does, or what the breakthrough is.
  5. Right words, right length, right place. is just one of many places to send your media release. I’ll help you with the nitty gritty – ensuring your media release has perfect English, perfect contact details, that it’s timed right and kept to the desired word length for the publication. If your target publication wants JPEG photos attached, we’ll organise that. If your target publication says no photos are to be attached or embedded, we’ll follow those guidelines too. 
  6. Reporting and metrics. I’ll do what I can to report back to you how far your story has spread. I’ll also counsel you as to what to expect – how your words might be used, or responded to. 

Writing media releases: I’m fit, I’m helpful, I’m enthusiastic and I’m a good listener.

Let’s work on it this week

Michael Botur / 021 299 0984

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