Entering the Ockham NZ Book Awards for 2019

The short story collection TRUE? by Michael Botur has been launched, and it will surely be longlisted for NZ’s premier book awards. 

Last year, after launching the short story collection Lowlife and the novel Moneyland in September and December, I was too poor to afford to enter the Ockham awards. I recall it really hurt. Lowlife would have kicked arse – surely this acclaimed short story collection would have been shortlisted or even have won an award. 

Still, though: I simply had no money, and I couldn’t bring myself to crowdfund to raise the $184 entry fee (plus twenty bucks to courier $80 worth of books to the awards organisers). 

This year, I’m coming back with a vengeance. 

I’m confident TRUE? is the most powerful and impressive short story collection of 2018 and will do well in the awards. I’ve just forked over my 184 bucks (urgh). 

Even if the literatti don’t embrace the book, every day readers and loads of supporters in Northland, Auckland, Christchurch and the UK have been massively supportive. That’s why the book is for them, firstly. Snobs come second. 

Author: Michael Botur

NZ writer

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