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An example of funky communication – from Bookfunnel

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In the meantime, check out this great email from Bookfunnel I received this morning.

It’s an example of writing with an exquisite tone designed to get the reader onside so the reader supports the brand while receiving the message gladly. It speaks the language of the audience, it uses an image to convey its message… good writing all round. 

Excellent comms, guys. 

Let’s have a look:


January’s facepalm (and what we’re doing about it)

In January, we emailed you guys about a new feature (the Facebook pixel update) and that prompted a flood of “Cool! It would be awesome if you guys also did X” emails, which is very exciting! Yay for feedback!

Unfortunately, most of the emails requested features that we already have. Boo for inadvertently burying features! Hiss! 

Apparently, mind reading was still not a thing, even in 2019, and we had a lot of work to do in the ol’ communication department. So, we gathered the troops and started tackling the issues.

The first issue we tackled?

Our website. Wow, was it… sparse. It didn’t even mention direct sales, print codes, or group author promotions. Yikes. We overhauled on February 1, and now our website actually reflects the service we provide. Crazy, right? We also added the charming tale of who we are and how our little company came to be.

The second issue?

Blogging. We’ve started posting every week or two. New features, in-depth dashboard dives, and a series on communicating with your readers when you’re out of things to say. If you follow the BookFunnel Blog, you’ll be the first to hear what we’re up to…


Not following our blog?

Big mistake. Big. Huge.

Here’s what you missed just in the last month:

EmailOctopus Integration Integrate directly with EmailOctopus, a low-cost mailing list service that sends your emails through Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES).

Not Sold In Stores Series: Bonus Scenes Thrill your true fans with extended scenes, deleted scenes, or even extra steamy scenes.

Constant Contact Integration Integrate BookFunnel directly with Constant Contact and we’ll add new subscribers to your list automatically.

Multi-Book Delivery Actions Deliver boxsets or book bundles without the formatting hassle.

Certified Mail: Schedule Campaigns and Review Reminders Our #1 feature got an update in February!

Not Sold In Stores Series: Special Deals Create special discounts and promotions and offer them to your fans right from your website.

But wait. There’s more!

So we’ve fixed our website, started blogging more frequently, and we’re planning sweeping changes to the dashboard and knowledge base this year (we totally have one of those, y’all!). But… that work isn’t stopping the new feature train (woo woo!).

In fact, we’re cooking up something special and announcing it on the blog this week! It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s available on all plans, and it’s going to help you sell books. You like selling books, don’t you? Of course you do. Follow the blog and don’t miss the post!

Until next time,

The BookFunnel Team



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