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How to use the news to get your business talked about

by Michael Botur, KiwiWords writer 

See this Spinoff/Kiwibank thing above?

It’s a useful publication bringing in useful expertise from a useful service provider to provide useful perspective about something in the news.

Everybody wins – and so can you, if you comment about important issues in the right way. 

Privacy breaches, disasters in rental accomodation, food contamination, workplace accidents… Any issue in the news can be leveraged to bring attention to your organisation and its services…. sort of.

Of course there are ethical pitfalls to watch out for.  Leveraging off others’ upset is not cool – but offering a solution in response to a crisis is warmly welcomed. 

Let’s have a yarn about the best model any organisation can strive for:

Q. The news reports that there is a shortage / lack / failure / neglect going on in our world

A. You respond by recapturing the issue, adding some expertise, then letting the world know you can fix the problem by supplying a respectable product at a respectable price. 

KiwiWords advises you to:

  • Add extra, hard-to-get information on top of the news topic you’re talking about (really pertinent stats; really insightful quotes; expert perspectives from your team)
  • Be ethical and progressive
  • Say something really original. Great words can go viral if people appreciate your comments. 

Channels you might use to tell the world you have a solution for a problem in the news:

Neighbourly – Yucky videos of people being racist in the news? Perhaps your business has a culturally inclusive kaupapa you’d like to mention in response

LinkedIn – Royals visiting NZ? If you run a bed and breakfast, you could post an interesting blog on Linked about the fascinating history of hospitality for royals visiting NZ (King Edward VIII was impressed by our toheroa shellfish, for example)

Your own website – Climate change is always in the news. If your organisation has a sustainability policy, write about it. 

Eventfinda – Domestic violence and suicide are often in the news. Why not lead a fundraiser for Lifeline or Women’s Refuge and use Eventfinda and Eventbrite to maximise support for those causes? 

Facebook Grapevine – These groups have big reach in any community. Whangarei, where I’m writing from, has tens of thousands of Grapeviners. Give your local community a parochial response to something in the news. 

Stuff Nation – It’s always the International Day of Something. Find a cause which ethically matches what your organisation stands for then put out communications saying you support the cause. Stuff Nation is all about opinion pieces – why not get your leader to write a constructive opinion piece? 

Opinion pages of your local newspaper – Papers in small communities are desperate for thought leader pieces because of a dearth of talent in the smaller regions. If you are launching, say, an app which matches unemployed people with jobs, get the editor to carry your story. 

Industry publications – There is pretty much a publication for everything. With trucking alone, there are multiple magazines, websites and online groups. Publish your story with them (assuming you’re a trucker)

> Mike at KiwiWords is of course here to help get your words written. Phone 021 299 0984 / email <

Want more inspiration? Look at these headline topics.  It’s not hard for any business to talk about a topic and slip in a little salesman while offering solutions to whatever the issue is. 

Facebook /  Instagram server upgrade outages If you provide cloud storage solutions and backup; if you offer social media services
Students protesting climate change inaction If you offer transport solutions; signage for students to make placards; if your business is all about being progressive and ethical and endorsing the strike helps your brand
KiwiBuild used as a political tool If your business is housing, property management and rentals, building and construction, you could have oodles to say about the merits of these affordable houses and their location. Also most NZ regional and city councils want Aucklanders to settle and bring money. 
IAG reducing Wellingtonians covered by earthquake insurance Anyone in building, construction & housing repairs; insurance brokers; Wellington businesses; financial advisors
Brexit: British MPs to ask EU for extension Comment on this if you’re in the business of law, immigration advice, services for the British expat community or NZ working visa tourist holidays
 For writing help… / 021 299 0984

Topics in the news spreadsheet PNG.png

ps. This awesome blog was originally entitled ‘Use the news, get your business perused: My views.’ I just wanted to squeeze that in there somewhere.

For writing help, contact / 021 299 0984




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