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News written by KiwiWords – there’s sweat behind each story

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Kia ora. Mike Botur here from KiwiWords.

I’m trained as a reporter. My formative years were 2013-2014 when I completed a Graduate Diploma in Journalism Studies. My university didn’t organise an internship for me, so I organised my own, getting in the door at the Herald on Sunday, then APNZ News Service, then NZME. / NZ Herald.

I appreciated the work very much.

What I would appreciate more is if the NZ Herald website archived published articles better! Okay I know they are probably NZ’s busiest publisher, publishing probably 1000 webpages a day, that’s understandable. It’s just hard to search on the Herald website for my lovely journalism work – behind which there was so much sweat.

Anywho, thanks to Google News I’ve pulled up some cool stories that had a lot of hard work behind them. This is for everyone who’s unsure if KiwiWords has journalism experience.

Oh yes I certainly do. Enjoy.

This a favourite – I love the cynical way the editor got me to report on it.

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