Communications, content and copy writing; Freelance journalism; full stack web development. Northland and Auckland NZ

I write scripts and screenplays – Would you like me to write for you?

If you’re in need of a script writer, I can help.

Combining my experience having written ten books with an ability to see the point of view of any business and speak their language, I’m the ideal person to create scripts which put a human voice on communications messages.

Let me talk you through how script writing can help and why KiwiWords is ideal.

How are scripts used in business in 2021?

Examples of great uses of scripts in business include

  • Setting lines and direction with which to create a filmed video advertisement
  • Creating dialogue with which a radio advertisement persuades listeners to follow a Call To Action
  • Setting up flow charts of dialogue for automated chatbots to funnel enquiries
  • Structuring business dialogue to make interactions humane, approachable and empathetic
  • Creating questions which don’t exclude your audience by being too presumptive

Examples of powerful scripts KiwiWords has worked on

  • In 2021 your writer fella Michael Botur completed a screen writing course, tying together skills in business communications with written fiction narratives structured to make it easy for a director to pick up and film.
  • In 2021 KiwiWords helped Taranaki’s coolest internet services provider with video adverts showing the role of Primo in bringing people together.
  • In 2020, KiwiWords was privileged to work on scripts for PlaceMakers radio advertisements.
  • In 2019, KiwiWords helped create scripts for Install IT Ltd to raise awareness of its outstanding customer service and solutions with AV installation.
  • In 2018, KiwiWords created scripts for Global Diamonds.

If you’re thinking about creating a script together, let’s have a conversation. / 021 299 0984

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