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Case study: writing articles for the audience of a leading hardware retailer

How getting news-quality articles written about your industry can bolster your brand

I spent the last six months employed by Dinniss Communications, a respectable Wellington marketing company. Dinniss Communications has 20 years or more experience creating top quality words for clients. 

One of our jobs was to create high quality news articles for Under Construction, which is the magazine published by one of NZ’s leading hardware retailers, PlaceMakers. 

Working with an editor who is an experienced journalist, our mission each month was to 

  • Create original news stories to entertain an audience who would largely read the stories by picking up the print magazine in-store
  • Publish educational material to be read by builders who need to prove they are studying the material to gain their Licensed Building Practitioner qualification
  • Strengthen PlaceMakers’ brand by associating the company with education, skills, high standards, health and safety – essentially, showing the audience of builders that PlaceMakers cares about keeping them safe, knowledgeable and up to date with industry developments.
  • Interview builders and customers to create grassroots industry knowledge and share those opinion-bellwethers with our readers. 

It was an honour to write for a magazine with high standards, big readership and wide distribution. 

I also had the pleasure of creating high quality stories for NZ Landscaper magazine, which I’ll include below too. 
Here are some of the building and construction news stories I was privileged to write in 2021:

Check out the articles created for New Zealand Landscaper magazine, too.


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