Communications, content and copy writing; Freelance journalism; full stack web development. Northland and Auckland NZ

Let me tell your deep tech startup story through an easy-to-understand news narrative

My communications services translate your tech talk into easy English.

One of the helpful services KiwiWords provides is turning complicated stories of tech startups into understandable English.

It is worth paying for this – after all, think about how many potential investors will be turned off your company if they can’t comprehend what you do in 500 words. 

Also, we have journalists to think about: If you want to leverage the vast audiences of NZ Herald, Stuff or Newshub, you’ll need KiwiWords to extrude the parts of your story which are engaging and – most of all – easy to understand. 

What I’m saying is KiwiWords can turn any deep tech startup saga into a compelling story and help you refine the way you pitch your business narrative. 

Please enjoy these recent examples of news stories I’ve written for some lovely publications covering tech business and startup news:

NZ Entrepreneur

The Bit


Would you like KiwiWords to create for you some words which are 

  • Tailored to your audience
  • High quality and well-researched
  • Compliant with journalism and advertising standards
  • Structured for how your audience consumes its words

Michael Botur

021 299 0984

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