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Beginning 2022 with some strong journalism

Here at KiwiWords, we started 2022 by getting some journalism completed which was harder, better-paid and more-widely-spread than anything we’d done before.

Let’s start that again – it gets a little confusing doing this we/I plural/singular nonsense. We all know KiwiWords is a one-man band, the personal brand of communications professional Michael Botur.

Ahem – >

I started 2022 with some personal and professional achievements.

I managed to research and write an article exploring the fascinating family who run Heritage Expeditions, capturing photographs, and overcoming the hurdle of compression four decades of activity into a 1900-word story. This was sold to Canvas magazine, who I hope will publish the story in 2022.

  • In February 2022 I attended a 501s gathering in Auckland, and followed up with a lot of research. This led to selling a story to major news outlet VICE World News – a publication which I’ve wanted to sell a story to for ten years. I discovered VICE World News had extremely discerning standards, and the story went through many edits with staff in Asia, the US and Australia before successful publication. (This amazing story about the kinship and support network for the 501s as they live in exile and prepare for a class action lawsuit against Australia )

-Michael Botur

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