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Creative ways to get your name on NZ’s most-viewed top 50 websites

You can publish content on NZ’s most-viewed websites.

So can journalists. No wonder there is some journalist vs PR rivalry! 

NZ’s top 50 Alexa-ranked websites include Google, obviously,,,, ANZ,, IMDB, Ladbible, Imgur, TVNZ, universities and the IRD.

None of us have much power to control the content on those platforms. 

However, with the right words, any of us can get content on the country’s top-ranked NZ websites. Here are some suggestions. 

#2YouTube – Look at ‘The Vision is Clear’ campaign by Dairy NZ. Not only have they taken over NZME’s videos, everything on YouTube is owned by Google and boosted accordingly. Why not do a video profile of a likeable employee? 

#3 Facebook – Doesn’t cost much, gives great statistics, and unlike many news platforms, you as the content creator can comment directly to your audience. Why not post a heartwarming viral story? 

#5 TradeMe – One of my clients in the property management business publishes lots of listings on TradeMe. You pay a little but you get free publicity and boosted in search rankings. 

#6 – Hard, slow and boring to control, but it is extremely authoritive. It’s viewed essentially as the number one record of something’s legacy in history. 

#7 – They own an interesting range of media including Neighbourly. Worth utilising. They’re larger than NZME and have more reach. 

#8 This is a tricky beast to wrestle. Reddit hates advertisers and has many cynical users who can harm your brand. Try publish something on Reddit which will be unassailable and universally loved. 

#10 – The Herald loves stories about ordinary Kiwis enduring dramas. Make your story human-focused when you send it in.

#12 – Tonnes of influential followers; lots of negative, cynical material published on it. You’ll need photos with every post. 

#31 TVNZ – They love a good heartwarming story and they have useful content sharing arrangements with Radio NZ and Stuff to maximise your page views. 

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