How To Write A Media Release (Press Release)

How to put out a media release / press release which will get picked up and published

Don’t feel humble or unworthy when it comes to putting out news. Almost everybody wants to hear your news, from news publishers to journalists to consumers to staff.

Lay out your story as an upside-down pyramid. 

news release structure

image source – Stolen off the internet

  • Most important at top; least impt bottom.
  • Clear, hi resolution, print-quality photos help everybody
  • Clear line of contact is essential if journalists want to follow up
  • News must be NEW. Keep it fresh.
  • Newsmakers want stories which have “legs”
  • Legs means a story which readers will look for updates on as it develops
  • It’s not okay to leave a journalist confused about spellings of names, products, brand, acronyms
  • QUOTES are essential. Have a representative of your organisation provide quotes in the story.

Writing services for Whangarei, Northland and Auckland – September update

Newsletters, blogs, content, copy, drafts, transcription, journalism, advertorial writing… twas a busy month. 

It’s been a month since I wrote a round-up about the writing services I’ve been helping people with, so here we go:

  • I wrote some journalism for Bauer Media about Rob Mokaraka’s act against suicide
  • I helped Creative Northland capture some news stories and photos
  • I wrote many, many columns for Property Plus magazine about construction and housing
  • I did a presentation for Business Networking International
  • Advertised writing services in the NZ Society of Authors newsletter and got a few bites of interest
  • Organised an improv theatresports fundraiser for OneOneSix theatre
  • Organised several creative writing workshops
  • Ran a GiveALittle campaign to pay for the publishing of my new story collection ‘TRUE?’
  • Performed poetry at the Mahurangi East Library (thanks for your support, Fleur xoxo)
  • Continued running
  • Blogging services for some Northland businesses 
  • Helped a client’s web page needs in real estate sector

Also, somehow, I mowed the lawn, stayed fit, raised a family, paid the bills and looked after a sick friend, plus some guinea pigs. 

Hit me up on if you need any writing services. 

021 299 0984. $59 an hour for eight hours, or $69p/h casual. Costs exclude GST. 


Auckland Fiction Writing Workshop – Taking The Power Back

Fiction Writing Workshop – Taking The Power Back

Ellen Melville Centre – Marilyn Waring Room, 2 Freyberg Pl, Auckland


Indie author Michael Botur is delivering a workshop on fiction writing at the Ellen Melville Centre in Auckland’s CBD on Saturday October 13, following the launch of his new short story collection TRUE?

Botur said the workshop is designed to appeal to writers who have basic experience writing fiction and basic experience sharing their writing with the world, but haven’t brought the two disciplines together.

“The theme of the workshop is Take The Power Back. It’s about encouraging people to work hard until they’re confident their writing is publicly presentable. Writers these days should check off each step in the production process then find the self-confidence to celebrate themselves, instead of waiting months for an editor’s approval.”

“The literary industry is depressing and takes power away from writers. This workshop is about putting that power back in writers’ hands.”   

“There are many websites on which a writer can publish their work with photos and even video. That’s more empowering than waiting around for someone to publish the thing on paper where people might not encounter it. I’ll be giving loads of tips about how to get audiences interested in your work, having learned the hard way through trial and error.”

The 4.5 hour workshop looks at the workflow required to polish a story – drafting to perfect the voice, characters and prose.

“Getting words on the page is just the start,” Botur says. “I’ll be offering realistic advice about how to make the most of those hours in front of the computer screen. Too much time is wasted waiting for the approval of people who might not like your writing, so I’ll be showing some shortcuts which will help your artistic self-esteem.”

Whangarei-based Botur is author of several acclaimed short story collections and young adult novel, Moneyland, which gained 5000 reads on the world’s largest free online publishing platform for teenagers, Wattpad.

The workshop will include a brief introduction to Medium, Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing, Bookfunnel, Goodreads and other online publishing and promotion platforms.

Botur describes TRUE? as being a “totally 21st century indie book.” The cost of publishing the book was covered by a crowdfunding campaign on TRUE? Short Stories is being launched on October 10.




Fiction Writing Workshop: Taking The Power Back

Ellen Melville Centre – Marilyn Waring Room.

10am- 3pm. 5 hours including two breaks.

Registration is essential – please RSVP to 
Cost is $45 +GST for the day – RSVP by email and Mike can invoice those attending.

Mike will contact you to ask for details about your level of writing experience, and give you some feedback on your writing to focus on for the day, as well as advice and support to take away.

See and Eventfinda for more information and updates.