How to get your business story into the news

In November I helped an Auckland business share their story in national news.

I care deeply about using words to share positive things in the world. When a client needs a story written celebrating an achievement that is socially beneficial, optimistic and humane, I get really excited. 

CivilShare is a great business to cheer for. It’s an application which reduces landfill waste by facilitating trade in the civil engineering sector. Beautiful things are created; waste is minimised; young people learn green values; everyone’s happy.

The way we went about getting this story in the news was:

  1. Some good conversations between Mike and CivilShare capturing the facts around CivilShare and what kind of a story we wanted to tell
  2. Fact-checking and input from reputable sources (schools; council) 
  3. I wrote the media release with the client, carefully getting the client’s approval, and ironing out any inaccuracies. Also, structuring the words and info like a news stories made it easy for a news producer to pick up the story and share it. 
  4. The story was then released widely to selected media outlets and voila: CivilShare’s story becomes national news.


Writing family stories before they’re gone

Family stories and history: typing the tales of our elders in Northland and Whangarei

Capturing oral history forever before it’s lost. 

Hi, I’m Mike, a writing specialist based in Whangarei.
My favourite clients in 2018 were families who needed their elders’ stories taped, typed and turned it into a book or website so the stories are never lost. I help with recording oral interviews so our elders voices and tales can be shared with the rest of the family.
Please sing out if you’d like some help writing your whanau stories, whether you need a quick hour of assistance or a big piece of ghostwriting taken care of. / 021 299 0984.

Helping solve your copywriting challenges

Need a Whangarei content writer? I’m your man. 

Copywriting – aka content writing – is about achieving the following for businesses:

  • Creating long-form content to reinforce position statements and messages
  • Clarifying Calls To Action (CTAs)
  • Being the mouthpiece for marketers
  • Aligning a client’s core message with target audience
  • Matching visual material with creative copywriting
  • Ensuring words are grammatically professional
  • Keeping words relevant to popular culture, widely-known narratives, and trends