Communications written for ecentre innovation incubator at Massey University

Here are some communications, stories, journalism, media releases and social stuff I was privileged to write for the ecentre innovation incubator at Massey University in March-May 2019.

Let’s make wonderful words: I want to work for you.

Yo! I’m Michael Botur, Wordsmith, and I want to make wonderful words with you. 

I am moving beyond marketing and sales writing and hoping to find a role involving lots of human interaction.

I want to contribute effective communications to make people’s lives better, perhaps writing around themes of environmentalism, education, recycling, health services or social justice.

The goal: Using words to help people.


Résumé 2016 – 2019

Since 2014 I have been assisting organisations with communications writing such as news releases, web pages, blogs, social media and newsletters. Clients utilise my storytelling skills to drive awareness, sales and branding. I operate

KiwiWords (formerly Michael Botur Writing Services, but that name was a mouthful)

Running my own business delivering writing services to clients and some journalism. Clients have included Te Tai Tokerau PHO, Paramount, Northland Inc startup businesses, Conferenz, Wright Communications, Massey University e-centre, Signal Security, Balance Insurance, Headline Publishing,, Property Plus, Alliance Media, Advanced Computers Ltd, Result IT, Property Plus, NZME., The Pond, Intelligent Ink and many SMEs for who I have written news stories, columns, web content, blogs, newsletters, business-to-business communications & social media.


  • Communications Writer (independent contractor) – Northland District Health Board News stories, newsletters, media releases, social media, communication campaigns.
  • Interviewer / Researcher SHORE Research Centre at Massey University
  • Tutor/Programme Coordinator – Agriculture NZ; Literacy Aotearoa; Massey University
  • Reporter NZ Herald, NZME. / APNZ News Service (casual / part time 2013-2014)
  • Temp Admin and Customer Service– University Admissions Office, AUT University.
  • Sales, Customer Service and Data Entry, Auckland Council.
  • Web Content Editor, Researcher – Telecom, Uni of Auckland, Auckland Council.


Skills to pay the bills

Web content editing; journalism; typing; Microsoft Office, Adobe suite; photography


Education & Training

  • Graduate Diploma in Journalism – Massey University
  • Masters in Creative Writing- AUT University
  • Bachelor of Arts – University of Otago
  • National Certificate in Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education – VisionWest

Phone 021 299 0984 / email

“Yes, I’d love to write about your tropical hotel.” KiwiWords communications success stories 2019

Communications and copywriting success stories KiwiWords helped with in 2019

Behold, a few of the writing, editing and media success stories KiwiWords achieved in 2019.

Helping Atlantis Park Hotel communicate improvements and updates

When luxurious Canary Islands destination Atlantis Park Hotel approached KiwiWords asking for help writing high quality English text for its new website, the answer was “Hell yes!” It was a privilege writing the 15 or so web pages for Atlantis Park and guiding Atlantis Park’s management through the following:

  • Search engine optimisation for the business’s website
  • Understanding headings and keywords
  • Refining the text so it would translate well into German and Spanish
  • Negotiating rounds of edits to the draft text
  • Ensuring the structure of each page of text was optimised

TEide palms

Pictured: El Teide, an astonishing volcano in the middle of Tenerife which I couldn’t stop thinking about while writing Atlantis Park Hotel’s words

Working with Creative Northland to write its leader’s outlook, values and vision

Creative Northland has since 2015 had a leader who is well-networked, articulate, approachable, and deeply passionate about Northland’s arts opportunities, especially indigenous music and capitalising on Hundertwasser’s legacy. In December 2019, I worked with Creative Northland’s general manager to clarify her vision and create the following:

  • Opinion piece to publish in relevant newspapers and magazines: The artist in architecture – how to make our urban spaces art friendly
  • Essay ‘What I learned about connecting Northland to arts worldwide
  • Structured column about why we need performance spaces balancing commercial and cultural interests
  • Content writing for website or newsletter about what WOMEX means for Aotearoa’s place in world music
  • A few original photos to make the job of media easier

Letting landlords and tenants know about Quinovic and BlackSalt Property management’s business handover

As Quinovic Whangarei took over the portfolio of BlackSalt Property Management in the summer of 2019-2020, I helped create outgoing written communications from both businesses to tell tenants, landlords and contractors what they needed to know, utilising Google Docs for easy sharing and edits. 

Setting up Kindle and print on demand for the books of Northland author Lauren Roche

Dr Lauren Roche is an inspiration. She’s overcome adversity to achieve a life of contribution to the medical needs of her community while publishing two bestselling memoirs and maintaining a lovely ahua (spirit). It was a pleasure to help Lauren publish her books on Kindle and Kindle Print on Demand (Amazon) in October and November 2019. 

Writing a TV/online advertisement for InstallIT and Global Diamonds

Install IT is going from strength to strength. After creating a reputable brand with a loyal online following around Whangarei, Install IT was commissioned to produce a video advertisement for Global Diamonds. I helped create some of the concepts and advert story structure, utilising my expertise as a master storyteller (author of eight books). I was also honoured to be able to help with a draft script for Install IT’s own video advertisement. 

Web content for ProSpouting

ProSpouting brought a straightforward request to KiwiWords in August 2019: help us write words for our website which are honest, clear, straight-up and easy to read. We achieved the job in a few hours and now ProSpouting’s website helps clients and customers understand what the business can offer. 

Turning a family’s stories and photographs into a hardback book

I was lucky enough to research, record, transcribe, type up, format and lay out the Brereton family’s history and memoirs in December 2018. We returned to the project in 2019 and turned the draft book into a hardback. We didn’t quite make the printery’s Christmas cut-off, but the book remains a gem. 


Michael Botur of KiwiWords is here to help with your communications, content and copywriting needs. Phone 021 299 0984 / . 

Case study: Communications writing for a growing Whangarei property management business

Case study: How a Whangarei property management company utilised KiwiWords to communicate clearly, regularly and effectively

by Michael Botur, KiwiWords Communications, Content and Copywriting

Ever since’s owner-operators sat down with me in winter 2018, I’ve had the privilege of doing the writing while they did the business growth. began operating at the end of 2017/start of 2018 with the acquisition of a couple of Northland property management businesses. Today, has a strongly-recognised brand in Northland, an impressive roster of clients, and well-systematised business processes to ensure great delivery of service for tenants. 

I can’t claim KiwiWords was responsible for all of’s successes. Rather, I had the privilege of helping’s directors navigate a range of communications challenges, and it’s helped the rental experts go from success to success. 

Initial communications challenges in 2018 

  1. Communicate through electronic newsletters and printed letters to hundreds of tenants to let them know about the change in their property management provider 
  2. Express to landlords how and why they should be confident in their property management being handed over to a new operator
  3. Set up’s website, which is rather than This involved writing a brand plan as to why we needed the public to know they were dealing with rental experts

Developing communications challenges in 2019

  1. Write sales text including ebooks, web copy and e-newsletters to encourage new clients to sign up with for their property managment
  2. Writing an application tender to take over a large portfolio of Whangarei property management
  3. Campaign of media announcements to tell the world each achievement by, including video news stories
  4. Regular updates about’s news via blogs on
  5. Communications campaign (newsletter, media release, electronic mailout, social media) for a first-of-its-kind Landlords Information Evening at which investors received educational presentations from rental industry experts
  6. Writing two original ebooks to appeal to investors 
  7. Working with digital solutions designer to set up new website following transfer from old provider

Emerging communications challenges in 2020 spent 2019 perfecting and polishing business process. The Landlords Information Evening was a landmark and cemented the business’s position as a true local expert in property management – not to mention a brand with a lot more soul and approachability than some of the other operators out there. 

It’s onwards and upwards for in 2020 and we can expect to see the business achieve the following in its communications:

  • Newsletters polished, sent out in a timely fashion each month, with an established tone which matches the brand
  • Building on the successes of social media, in particular promotions and giveaways which were effective in building a Facebook audience
  • Utilisation of as an approachable voice for local media to talk to to get perspective on issues affecting landlords and tenants / 021 299 0984 / Kamo, Whangarei, New Zealand

Travel writing, tourism writing and promotions

KiwiWords can create the right words for your tourism and travel proposition

In October 2019 I wrote a 1000 word piece about enjoying the Chatham Islands, one of New Zealand’s most remote tourist spots. 

I couldn’t manage to sell the piece, so I gifted it to the Chatham Islands Council and now hopefully they’re using 20-odd photos and a 1000 word story to help remind people of the Chatham Islands’ tourism proposition. 

Here’s how it all works and how you might wish to use a writer to bring attention to your tourism proposition:

  • A suitable piece of writing should tell readers, in the first couple of paragraphs, how the reporter got to the destination (ie. “I caught Air Chathams flight 519, a sixty year old Convair 580 with four chunky propeller blades on each engine which gave me the noisiest flight I’ve ever experienced. Everything about the Chatham Islands is extreme, actually: remote, isolated, and under-visited…. .”)
  • A good piece of writing should include numbers: how long a visitor might spend at the destination; what it might cost; how many hours/days/kilometres it takes to get there; which flight numbers or ferries might help
  • Ideal photos should show a reader something they can’t get in the community they are used to. Sure a lovely piece of snapper on a plate is impressive, but twice as impressive is showing that fish against a sunset with distinctive cliffs, trees and beach, reminding the reader that the destination is one-of-a-kind

Anyway, if you’d like to get Michael Botur of KiwiWords to write up some website text, email content, journalism to let the world know how wonderful your tourism proposition is, let’s talk. Phone 021 299 0984 / . 

Without further ado, here’s a travel article to entice you to the Chatham Islands.