How to write an advertorial – where advertising meets news

A couple of weeks ago, Northland’s arts development body Creative Northland needed a sponsored award turned into a news story. 

We call this advertorial – where advertising meets editorial. 

The requirements of all advertorials are:

  • Meeting the word count of the publication due to space constraints
  • Ensuring buy-in and approval from the client/s being written about
  • Ensuring fact-checking is complete. After all, advertising has to meet certain standards to be published, and it’s not okay to have erroneous statistics or claims in a piece
  • Keeping all the partners happy. This can involve a lot of checking of spellings, dates and attribution, especially when giving recognition to sponsors. 
  • With this particular advertorial – about artist Jessie Rose Foote receiving an important Creative Industries business award – there was the requirement to double-check the children pictured in the photograph with Jessie were named correctly and their parents approved
  • Lastly, there were the conventions of the publication, and checking the processes, rules and expectations of the publisher (in this case, NZME’s Business Advocate)

In the end, we got the advertorial completed, in impressive time, saving everybody money and keeping all stakeholders happy. If you would like your own advertorial content written for any publication, get in touch – mike@michaelboturwriter / phone 021 299 0984.

Turning Northland entrepreneurs’ stories into successful news releases with effective writing

Northland’s economic development agency needed content writing and press releases completed in a pinch the week of October 29 – November 2. 

The mission: to quickly, efficiently get news-quality media releases written about six startup businesses. 

The startups are winners of the The Pick: 18 – who have been chosen to  taking part in a fundraising investment showcase for the NZ Angel Association (in association with NZ Trade & Enterprise).

It was a challenging writing assignment. We needed to ensure high accuracy, buy-in and sign-off from each business, and to tell a story about each business which explained not only the personalities behind each business, but explaining how and when the businesses expected to get successful sales results using compelling storytelling. 

The mission was accomplished, and between us we created six stories about fascinating start-ups we’re sure to hear more from in the near future. 

I also gave each business advice about where to send their news to raise awareness of their fascinating start-ups. 

Check out a couple of the best stories:

Want Mike to turn your business into a news story? Just give me an email –, or phone 021 299 0984.